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Way of the Dogg Review- More Puppy-ish

By VJPlatinum | 12 May 2013 | Playstation 3, Reviews, Xbox 360 | , , , | 0 Comments   

Game Reviewed: Way of the DoggWay-of-the-Dogg_XBLAboxart_160w

Release Date: May 3rd, 2013

Developer: Echo Peak

Publisher: 505 Games

Platform: [Reviewed: Xbox 360], PlayStation 3

Genre: Rhythm – Fighting

Rated: T for Teen



Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, Snoopy Snoop, whatever you prefer, he’s been gracing the rap scene for quite some time. He’s even taken on some amazing roles in movies like “Baby Boy” with Tyrese Gibson (Fast & the Furious) and featured in games like Def Jam: Fight for NY and True Crimes: Streets of LA. Now Mr. Lion is embarking on a new venture that places him as headliner of the new game titled Way of the Dogg.

Way of the Dogg, developed by Echo Peak and published by 505 Games, is literally nothing more than a guitar hero, fighting game.  You play as protagonist America Jones who is involved in a fight that causes him to lose is will to go on. His will was a girl named Sierra.

screenlg2As weird as it plays out, this popular fighter leans to Snoop Lion to learn the “way of the dogg.” His fighting skills apparently are not enough and he needs to Kung Fu to help him seek revenge. You’ll be a bit surprised to know the story “is” somewhat worth the gameplay.

As each segment begins, you’ll find yourself head-bobbing to Snoop Dogg songs while chaining buttons together to the music. In the midst of all of the button pressing, the actual fight is taking place in the background, which you’ll rarely be able to focus on.

The health meter in Way of the Dogg is unfair and depending on difficulty can be frustrating. As you take a beating, your health diminishes and you risk losing the fight and chapter. However, when you have full advantage in the “tug of war-like” fashion the game is presented in, you don’t win anything other than momentum until the track ends.




This reminds me of Parappa the Rapper. There’s even an achievement called “Kick, Punch, All in the Mind.” If you kick, punched and chopped the hell out of the track and nailed “cool,” the track still didn’t end; it continued. You would imagine though in a “kung fu game” it would mark the end, however…

Outside of the simplistic story, the game is pretty bland. It could’ve been so much better as you won’t help but feel something is missing. More development could’ve made this roughly 2 hour game well worth the price point.

Upon completing the story, you’re granted the option of local multiplayer. This mode wasn’t worth playing a second time.Way-of-the-Dogg

Graphically cel-shaded, Way of the Dogg looks fairly decent in its comic book style, controls are responsive for the most part and the audio is not too bad. There are a few d-pad controls that didn’t quite input with my button pressing as well as songs that would bleep and take you off track (not so often).

Way of the Dogg wasn’t the worst I’ve ever played, but clearly wasn’t the best.  Split right down the middle, I’d possibly prefer gamers hold back for a price drop. 800 Microsoft Points / $10 over the PSN seems pretty steep.

The Scores

Gameplay: 2.5/5

Visuals: 3.5/5

Audio: 3/5

Controls: 2.5/5

Value: 2/5

Overall Rating: 2.5/5


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