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Walking Dead Season Two Episode One Review – Hello Clem

Game Reviewed: Walking Dead Season Two Episode One “All That Remains”twd season 2

Release Date: December 17th, 2013

Developer: TellTale Games

Publisher: TellTale Games

Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 3], Xbox 360, PC

Genre: Adventure

Rated: M for Mature


Season one focused heavily on our two key characters Lee and Clementine. Giving the circumstances and the tear jerking ending, we now play solely as Clementine. As you’ll quickly notice in the intro, the story never lightens up. Christa and Omid watches over Clem as they promised to only foresee their own devastating scenario come shattering before them. Episode one begins carefully titled “All That Remains.”

Playing as Clementine you’d probably expect a different role as you playing as a little girl. The story gives you the choice of being that sweet little Clem that Lee once knew, or that strong-willed and defensive girl Lee trained you to be. Trusting people will quickly become a challenge on its own. Even the wildlife will leave you making every decision wisely.

The world is colder than before and almost 2 years later, Clementine is forced to either stand up for herself or die trying. It’s almost like imagining Lara Croft becoming who she is today, but under deeper and darker circumstances. In this episode, it’s hard to trust anybody, even a dog.


twd 3


It stretches the brain to know that you’re playing as a child in this episode smashing brains in, fighting off animals and having to suture your own wounds, as detailed as it all comes. You find yourself realizing Clementine can’t be that innocent child anymore. In a house with an entire new set of survivors, split personalities and secrets that yet to be revealed, season 2 leaves you with a handful of cliffhangers.

The game still unfortunately suffers from frame rate issues and glitches, but it doesn’t cause the story to lack in overall presentation in any way.

Telltale now have their hands full with two amazing stories, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The Walking Dead is already teasing us of a surprise character returning in the next episode, which will then give the story a stronger build up, rather than creating fillers like “All That Remains.”


Gameplay: 4.5/5

Visuals: 4/5

Controls: 4.5/5

Audio:  5/5

Replayability: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5


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