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Turbo: Super Stunt Squad Review

Game Reviewed: Turbo: Super Stunt Squadturbocover

Release Date: July 16th, 2013

Developer: Monkey Bar Games

Publisher: D3 Publisher

Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 3], XBOX 360

Genre: Action

Rated: E for Everyone



Time to get you snail moving behinds into the fast lane. Is that even possible? Of course it is when you’re going turbo. In conjunction with the movie release, Turbo: Super Stunt Squad the videogame is here. Will Turbo follow the same lane and equally finish out on top alongside Dreamworks picture?

In Turbo the game, you’re equipped with 6  stages and a handful of objectives. After completing 25 objectives the full game will be unlocked and in your favor for Free Play. To begin however the game kicks off at Dos Bros Tacos.

turbo4These stunt performing snails are in their own way looking to be the Tony Hawk of their kind.  The objectives are all over the map from point scale to collecting to letters turbo and more. Spilled liquids on the platform will increase your speed to full turbo allowing your character to navigate and press forward to the hard to reach areas.

In the bottom left corner, similar to Kung Fu Panda, there’s a fire icon that increases your speed after performing enough tricks to zoom, zoom , zoom!

Mechanics are very simplistic and the game has no direct story to intrigue the players, unfortunately. After you unlock all that there is, you’ll find yourself just killing time. The main objective that kept my interest was point scoring as it was one of the more challenging and entertaining completion.




The cartoon-style gameplay awkwardly reminded of Ratatouille. Funny as it is, I was literally expecting to see that furry little mouse pop up out of nowhere. The maps are welcoming and fun to look at, just a bit weird to play with the “low to the earth” camera angle.

As mentioned earlier, every 5 objectives completed will unlock the next area, but the unlocking doesn’t end there. More characters are well rested and ready to be chosen upon the elite group of snailborders. There is also different shells and more to obtain as the objectives continue.

Controls are fairly simple and responsive. The music throughout the game is well placed, especially considering the audience it was created for.turbo3

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad will be fun for the moment for plenty of children that are interested. While reviewing the title, I gave my two children an individual opportunity to give the game a shot. Their takeaways were the “cool-looking “ environments and characters. They had issues right out of the gate trying to tackle all of the objectives at once, but performing the stunts were not an issue.

At the MSRP it’s available for, Turbo makes a pretty decent game. Just don’t expect any races on the track as a grand finale.



The Scores

Gameplay: 2.5/5

Visuals: 3/5

Audio: 2/5

Controls: 3/5

Value: 2/5

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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