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Square Enix announces Hitman

At Square Enix’s E3 presentation, the announcement was made that a new chapter in the popular series Hitman will soon begin. Launching on December 8th, 2015, Hitman is the sixth game in the series and has players perform contracts... Continue »
By Doc | 16 June 2015 | E3 2015, News | , , , , , , | 0 Comments   

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

Game Reviewed: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Release Date: May 19th, 2015 Developer: CD Projekt RED Platform: Xbox One, PS4 Genre: Action RPG Rating: M for Mature Geralt of Rivia returns in the third game of... Continue »


After six years of hard work and lots of coffee, the Codemasters development team have revealed what they presume to be their “most diabolical gaming experience yet,” Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. Coming to  PlayStation 4 ,Xbox One, and PC... Continue »

Killing Floor 2 Game Review

Game Reviewed: Killing Floor 2 Release Date: April 21,2015 Developer: TripWire Interactive Platform: PC Genre: First Person Shooter Rated: M for Mature With just a few hours before Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2 drops, we can already tell the highly... Continue »
By Doc | 20 April 2015 | PC, Reviews | , , , , , , | 0 Comments   

Life is Strange, Episode One Review

Game Reviewed: Life is Strange Release Date: January 30, 2015 Developer: Dontnod Entertainment Publisher: Square Enix Platform: Reviewed on PC, Available on Playstation and Xbox systems. Genre: Graphic Adventure Life is strange has an interesting premise. A young girl... Continue »

Game hopping Bedlam recieves new content trailer

Adapted from the Christopher Brookmyre novel of the same name, Bedlam is an interesting game that documents the evolution of video games – and the FPS genre – while being a video game! The main character is Heather Quinn... Continue »
By Doc | 19 September 2014 | Game Trailers, News, PC | , , , , , , , | 1 Comment   

Runescape says goodbye to old friends

RuneScape, a popular free MMO, has announced that it is getting rid of millions of long-term dormant account names for use by other players in game. Since its 2001 debut, 220 million player accounts have been created and about... Continue »
By Doc | 29 August 2014 | News, PC | , , , , | 0 Comments   

ESCAPE Dead Island on November 18th

Deep Silver, the folks behind the Dead Island franchise, has confirmed the release of ESCAPE Dead Island for November 18th,2014. ESCAPE Dead Island is a third-person survival mystery that unravels the origins of the zombie outbreak, and connects the... Continue »

Tom Clancy’s The Division to release in 2015

Ubisoft is taking this game seriously, which is great. Unfortunately that means that one of the most anticipated games to release this year has had its release date pushed back. Originally expected to release in the 3rd of 4th... Continue »

The Walking Dead SeasoN Finale : ‘ No Time Left’

The latest episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two  is titled ‘No Going Back,’ and is the fifth of five episodes of  The Walking Dead: Season Two – A Telltale Games Series.The episode is available now on Steam,the PlayStation®Network , the Xbox Games... Continue »
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