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NCAA Football 14 Demo Impressions

The date to mark on your calendars first is July 9th. NCAA Football 14 is about to do more than impress all of you college football fans and gamers alike. The demo has officially release on Xbox Live and... Continue »

Last of Us Demo Included with God of War: Ascension

When you think about God of War: Ascension, you were probably least expecting The Last of Us to tie-in. But official word just hit surface that upon picking up your copy of God of War this March, you’ll also... Continue »
By VJPlatinum | 24 January 2013 | News, Playstation 3 | , , , , , | 0 Comments   

Omerta: City of Gangsters PC Demo Available Now

In under two weeks, gangsters alike will be able to run the city as they please in Omerta. But as for today, an official demo has released for PC, giving gamers an early chance at two levels to get... Continue »
By VJPlatinum | 24 January 2013 | News, PC | , , , | 0 Comments   


XYLA Entertainment has recently announced the released of Rush Bros. the demo. Rush Bros. is an all new music-based platform game where you will be able to import your own music. Obstacles and environments are going to react to... Continue »
By Medeiros83 | 12 December 2012 | News, PC | , , , , , , | 0 Comments   

Devil May Cry Demo Impressions

Earlier this week, Capcom released the demo for their upcoming release, Devil May Cry, scheduled to release January 15th, 2013. With the demo and a handful of changes to the series, what is the impression that IRB Gamer is... Continue »
By VJPlatinum | 26 November 2012 | News, Playstation 3, Previews, Xbox 360 | , , , , | 1 Comment   

Ronimo’s Frozen Game: Snowball Earth

Ronimo Games, the studio behind Awesomenauts, recently released a playable demo for a project that was cancelled in the middle of production. Snowball Earth, cancelled  in 2008, stems from an idea  the team had  to create a title for the Nintendo... Continue »

Test Drive The Forza Horizon Demo on XBLA

Microsoft, Playground Games, and Turn 10 Studios have throttled the demo for Forza Horizon out onto the Xbox Live Marketplace highway. Take a spin out on the open roads of Colorado in this wide-ranging demo, designed to give players a taste... Continue »
By IRB_BranMan | 12 October 2012 | News, Xbox 360 | , , , | 0 Comments   

Resident Evil 6 Public Demo Impressions

Those who didn’t get a chance to play the Dragon’s Dogma exclusive RE6 demo are going to be in for a real treat when they fire up this new demo. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some Dragon’s Dogma... Continue »
By IRB_BranMan | 19 September 2012 | News, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 | , , , , , , , | 0 Comments   

Formula 1 2012 Demo Impressions

Codemasters’ up and coming title Formula 1 2012 is recently available, in demo format, on the Xbox Marketplace. Now for all of you who have yet to play this demo you are really missing out. I am not a... Continue »

FIFA 13 Soundtrack Released

The complete music track for FIFA 13 was unveiled yesterday by EA. It features a mixture of genres that span 50 Gold and Platinum superstars as well as some breakthrough artists from 12 different countries.  The soundtrack is said to... Continue »
By Medeiros83 | 07 September 2012 | News, PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 | , , , , , , , | 0 Comments   
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