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Ravaged Review: A Simple Multiplayer Objective

By Doc | 26 October 2012 | Reviews | , , | 1 Comment   

Title: Ravaged
Release Date: October 17, 2012
Platform: [Reviewed: PC]
Genre: Multiplayer, FPS
Developer: 2 Dawn
Publisher: Reverb Publishing
Rating: M for Mature

The new multiplayer, first-person shooter game from 2 Dawn, titled Ravaged, has been ravaging the internet for the past few days ; receiving mixed reviews. A game that, on the surface, shows a lot of promise, still has a long way to go to be the awesome title it could be.

Set in a post-apocalyptic earth, like many popular games these days, Ravaged tells the awfully familiar story of two opposing sides fighting for resources, territory and ultimately for survival. So far, the game has been compared to other games, most notably Team Fortress 2 and Rage, but while ravaged does seem to borrow visually from Rage and mechanically from TF2, it’s really a game that attempts to be stand on its own, sometimes falling over in the process.

Ravaged is completely a multiplayer, online experience game. Much like Killing Floor, Ravaged has no campaign or story mode and much of its gameplay revolves around “kill the other team” with out so much of a “well what did they do?” behind it. While games like Borderlands 2 make you hate your enemy so much that killing them becomes a great catharsis – a warranted demise – Ravaged takes everything we love about multiplayer games down to the bare essentials. All we are left with, then, is the pure satisfaction of being skilled enough to land a kill. Unlike other FPS games, I have to admit that Ravaged does take some skill.

A self-professed FPS veteran myself, it doesn’t take long for me to get into an FPS game and reach the top of the score board in each lobby I join. Ravaged, however, is one of those games that is challenging. Firstly, while you can change the controls to match other games, it seems that Ravaged is perpetually about trying to figure out why little things you are used to don’t work. After figuring out that maybe driving with the mouse would be a lot easier, I now have to figure out how to keep the directions of my turn from being inverted.

I guess I am jumping ahead of myself, actually.

Unlike most games in the genre, Ravaged has a heavy focus on vehicular combat, and as such, it  has large – and often wide open – maps. It features over 40 vehicles and weapons, including helicopters, making it seem like a strange hybrid of Battlefield games with other popular games of the last four years. This allows players to think strategically and snipe from a distance, or run and gun by crashing vehicles into a wall seconds after  jumping out to catch an objective.

The game has various classes that seem to change with the maps or servers, I havent fully figured this one out. Each class has a different weapon type and thus a different role in the game. You have your light gunner; who usually carries an SMG of some fort (and can also be female), your medium gunner; who usually carries an assault rifle, your heavy gunner; doting a rocket launcher of some sort, your sniper ; who stays back to get those heads shots and what seems to be a demolition class; who carries charges as well as a medium weapon.

Similarly with vehicles, there are light two person vehicles and big honking trucks with guns attached to the back. There are also helicopter that, well, fuck shit up.

Visually, this game is very similar to Rage, but if Rage had been made with source engine graphics. The graphics themselves are crisp and clear, but the environments are a lot less detailed and often leave a lot to be desired.

Still, similar to the previously mentioned title of Killing Floor, what Ravaged lacks in content it makes up for in the simplest of terms : I get to shoost things.

Unfortunately, that’s a bit difficult  The aiming on Ravaged could use a little work. It seems that aiming from the hip at times is a more effective measure of getting a kill than is aiming down site. Also Sniper Rifles seems super ineffective and in the off-chance that you manage to hit someone from far away, the changes of you killing them are very small. It is possible, however, it seems, as I’ve been shot and killed by a sniper Rifle in this game. However, it took about five shots from my opponent to eve hit me or make a dent. I guess that’s a positive thing for those who get killed by sniper rifles often, but for those on the other end its very frustrating.

Not to mention the previous issue with vehicle driving and turning. The controls in this game, I feel, will take a longer time to get used to than most are willing to give. Hopefully, that gets fixed soon as the game is otherwise very entertaining to play once you understand what is going on.

A no holds barred pit of Colosseum like violence,  Ravaged as it stands is a bit risky of a game. Some might enjoy it to a great degree, others might find the controls a bit frustrating.It’s as chaotic and  team oriented as Team Fortress 2, with the wild-child persona of Rage and the vast and dangerous maps of Battlefield 3. All of which leave you feeling both inconsequential and like you can take on anything. What it lacks in a concrete and deeply explored storyline we’ve come to expect from game. But as a solely multiplayer experience,  what it lacks in story it makes up in simplicity and beauty.

If you enjoy the clear-cut objective and gameplay of Killing Floor , then you’ll enjoy Ravaged. Later this week we’ll be streaming one of our staff members trying their hand at this game and also will be giving away a code to a copy of Ravaged. For your chance to win, make sure you follow us on twitter as we’ll announce when the stream is live.

For more information on Ravaged, or to get a copy for yourself, visit their website or check out the game on steam.


The Scores

Gameplay: 3.5/5

Visuals: 4/5

Audio: 3.5/5

Controls: 3/5

Value: 4/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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  1. Posted by Julia Robert on 06 January 13 at 12:38pm

    There are many good things in Ravaged Game like Gorgeous visuals from top to bottom and Lots of violent vehicles to drive and kill with.

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