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How the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge Got Me an XBox One and a PS4


Everyone new at the end of last year that the “Next Generation” consoles were among us. And rumors were flying that they’d be releasing sometime during the holiday season of 2013, but nothing was confirmed. I, despite the lack of confirmations, was determined not to be left behind with my “current” generation consoles. So here’s how the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge helped me get an Xbox One AND a PS4.

Shortly after Christmas I came across the “52 week Money Saving Chellenge”. I originally just wanted to do this to save money. It was going to be my New Years Resolution as a way to control my spending, teach me to budget and ultimately reward myself for actually being able to do it. There is no better reward than a bunch of money! However, with all this talk of “Next Gen” Consoles that became my primary goal. I had to save for my new Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4.

So what is the 52 week money saving challenge? Well it is actually super simple. Each week you will save the same amount of money that corresponds to the number of that week. So for Week 1 you will save $1, giving you a total of 1$ saved. For week 2 you will save  $2, giving you a total of $3 saved. As you continue to do this through out the year the amount gets higher and higher until you reach week 52 with a grand total of $1,378.00 saved. And even though looking at week 52 you will likely think trying to save 52$ will be impossible, but having a goal will make it so much easier. Hence “Next Gen” Consoles.

Money Saving Challenge


When I first heard about this challenge I talked to a lot of people. Some of which had done it, others who were going to, and even more who thought it was unrealistic. The biggest complaint I heard from people was once you get half way threw the year saving money would be too hard. “I can’t afford to save $40 a week” people where saying to me, my husband included. But talking about it made me realize you don’t have to follow this plan to a T. Change it to suit your needs. I decided $20 a week would be reasonable. I set a goal to save AT LEAST $20 a week and if I could afford more I’d save more, if not I didn’t feel bad about only saving 20$.

As the year went on I realized that even though more than $20 a week was tough I really wanted to complete the challenge 100% and my determination thus far has helped me to save the proper amounts each week. As of right NOW week 47 I had over $1100 saved and was able to go in and pay off both my Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 pre-orders with money to spare. So even though I had to budget each and every week to save that money it was more than worth it. And that sense of accomplishment I got walking out of the store alone, made it more than worth it.

So I guess I just wanted to tell everyone who thought it was impossible or too hard that it isn’t. It is possible, and I have an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4 to prove it!




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