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“Hotline Miami” The Bloody Review

Hotline_Miami_coverGame Reviewed: Hotline Miami

Release Date: June 25th, 2013

Developer: Dennaton Games

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 3]

Genre: Action/Puzzler

Rated: M for Mature



*BBBBring BBBBring* It’s the 80’s calling and they want their super cheesy video game back. But all us classic loving 80s fan won’t let them have it! Because who doesn’t love a good ol’ classic… or at least a classic inspired game.

In this classic inspired game, Hotline Miami, you will play as Jacket. Only known as Jacket by fans, because of his Letterman Jacket and in fact you will never hear him referred to as that. In the beginning of the game you see Jacket having a dream of 3 stranger wearing really creepy animal makes. And when I say creepy I mean creepy. Cause animals with human bodies – CREEPY!

Just as quick as it began it is over and then you wake up. You wake up in 1989 with a MESSAGE! A message which gives you your mission. And this theme continues throughout the game.


Each chapter is broken down into stages. At the beginning of each chapter Jacket wakes up in his apartment with a message on his answering machine telling him to perform a certain task at a certain place. Each task, although different, really is just a mission to kill all the people at that location. And this is a bloody difficult task.

At the beginning of each mission you will be prompted to select a mask to wear, of course also a creepy animal mask. Each of these masks comes with its own advantages and disadvantages so choose wisely. And as you play through the game you will unlock even more masks to choose from. Once on a mission your goal is to kill everyone in the top down map. You will have a variety of options for killing all of which are pretty gory. There are a variety of melee weapons; like bats and crow bars, as well as weapons you can throw and ranged weapons.

The AI can sometimes be unpredictable although they can also be predictable, this just means that you want to pay attention to each guy before running out and trying to kill them. Also did I mention you die super easy? So you definitely will want to think before you attack. But lucky for you Hotline Miami allows you to replay each level over and over until you beat it. So you can play more strategically or run like crazy, the choice is yours. And even if you try to use strategy to plan your attacks chances are you will still die on occasion. This will force you to have to replay missions regardless. SO your best bet is to prepare yourself for A LOT of repetition.


When it comes to graphics Hotline Miami has a classic feel with its 2D 8bit graphics and top down view. So even though it isn’t graphically advance like the top titles we see today; like Skyrim, Rage or The Last of US, it isn’t suppose to be. It is an Indie game that is supposed to be reminiscent of those old school games we loved back in the day. The 80’s more specifically. The only thing you can be guaranteed is piles of blood lots of frustration.

Overall Hotline Miami is truly reminiscent of those rage filled gaming sessions from your childhood. Not to mention all the blood and creepiness. The only downside in my opinion is the difficulty and repetition, but if you like a challenge then I strongly suggest you give Hotline Miami a try. Because although very difficult and at times frustrating you will have a bloody good time. The only thing I am still curious about, is if Jackets phone number 867-5309.

Gameplay: 4/5

Visuals: 3/5

Controls: 4/5

Audio: 4/5

Replay ability: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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