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Get Ready for State of Decay

For those of you who haven’t heard, a NEW  Zombie Survival-horror arcade title is set to hit Xbox Live Arcade and PC mid week. Titled State of Decay, this new zombie game is an open world survival game being developed by Undead labs.

So here is the low down. In true SURVIVAL fashion you must survive, but that doesn’t just mean in combat situations. This is general. If a real Zombie apocalypse happened how would you survive? You wouldn’t just collect ammo and weapons – you would need everything. This means food, water AND shelter! Giving you the ultimate “WHAT IF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE REALLY HAPPENED” feel.

In State of Decay the world is your playground. A playground filled with Zombies but a playground none the less. You will be able to fight your way through hordes of Zombies with all kinds of weapons and use the environment to your advantage in all kinds of ways. You could beat Zombies back to death with an awesome baseball bat or simply shoot them. You will be able to jump through windows, climb on cars, drive cars and go into all kinds of buildings.

Not only is State of Decay an OPEN world game but it is a “Sandbox” world that generates content in real-time based on your actions. You get to choose were your hide out is and set up your very own raids as means to gather the much needed supplies for your survival. Keep in mind Zombies are attracted to sound!

For more information on State of Decay check out their Official Site. And don’t forget to check out the awesome screens below.

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