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Fuel Overdose Review

Fuel_Overdose_Cover_PS3Game Reviewed: Fuel Overdose

Release Date: March 5th 2013

Developer: I-Friqiya

Publisher: I-Friqiya 

Platform: [Reviewed: Playstation 3] Playstation Network, Microsoft Windows

Genre: Tactical Racer

Rated: T for Teen



Fuel Overdose has finally been made available for console fans, at least for all you PlayStation 3 owners. It was originally released in the spring of 2012 for PC but has recently hit the Playstation 3 network.

Known as a “Tactical Racer” or a “Strategic Racer”, Fuel Overdose provides gamers with many options and redefines the racing scene. Remember the good ol’ days of Mario Kart against your younger siblings when you would drop that banana peel or slick of oil and watch them spin out of control across the screen? Well, with Fuel Overdose you have the fun aspects of those classic racing games but with a more grown up feel.

Welcome to the big kid track where you get to play with Machine guns, missiles, mines, and even a grapple – All while driving a race car. Oh ya and did I mention cleavage?


So what makes Fuel Overdose “tactical”? I-Friqiya has brought a new depth to the racing world with their weapons system, upgrades, as well as their character and vehicle selection. Unlike in our favorite classic racers like Mario Kart you do not pick items up on the track. Each player is given a budget. This is used to load your weapons etc etc, all to prepare you for your race. The simple fact that it is a budget makes it tactical as you will want to select items that you need most, whatever fits your racing style best. You are also given the option to choose your racer and race car, allowing you to make a choice based on your favorite characteristics. Choosing your character is important as each one has different strength and weaknesses as well as special attacks, so make sure you take them time to read each one carefully.

While choosing your car, character and equipment is tactical don’t forget about the actual race. Since you have to purchase your weapons and ammunition you will obviously be limited to what you actually selected. You will have to make decisions on when you want to use certain items or attacks, as fighting is a vital aspect to the game.


You will notice while racing that although you can’t pick up items on the track that there are blue glowing circles placed around the map. These are bombs that can be utilized by ALL racers. Simply wait until the car ahead of you gets close enough and push the ‘triangle’ button. Then sit back and watch them blow to smithereens. Kind of, but not really. Next is your trusty grapple I mentioned earlier. This can be used to grab on to poles to sling shot yourself ahead via a little extra burst of speed. As well as a handy speed boost for yourself you can also use the grapple to attack your enemies and slow them down.

All this sounds great right? Cause it does, but where their ideas are great their execution falls flat.

Gameplay is not the greatest. Playing the races themselves are fun as you get to shoot up/explode your competitors and watch their vehicles slowly get demolished. But the fun is short lived as the tracks are small and hard to navigate and the side/top angled view is less than desirable. Why give you a tutorial on big roomy tracks if they are going to have you racing on something completely different? Don’t get me wrong, you will adjust to this the more you play, but it is still very frustrating and extremely disappointing.


The visuals are far from good and are actually quite unappealing. They put so much effort into the character creation that one would have a much higher expectation and it leaves you feeling that the race tracks and vehicles where severely lacking when compared. Not to mention all the choppiness in the graphics off the actual track itself. Although not a huge deal as you are so focused on the track itself and shooting up the other racers it is still kind of a let down.

Overall Fuel Overdose has potential and is actually kind of fun if you can overlook the graphical deficiencies and can adjust to the small tracks and camera angles. Although a little steep in price, $9.99, for what you are getting, hardcore racing fans should get a kick out of this title.

Gameplay: 3/5

Visuals: 2/5

Audio: 3/5

Controls: 4/5

Replay Value: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3/5

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Fuel Overdose Review, 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


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