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After six years of hard work and lots of coffee, the Codemasters development team have revealed what they presume to be their “most diabolical gaming experience yet,” Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. Coming to  PlayStation 4 ,Xbox One, and PC... Continue »

Batman Arkham Knight – Premium Edition Announced

Batman Arkham Knight is looking to be the biggest Batman videogame since the Asylum. Not only is this installment of Batman being rated M for Mature managed to raise eyebrows, but now WBIE and Rocksteady Studios has announced a... Continue »

Just Cause 3 Gameplay Trailer

It’s time to grace the presence of Rico Rodriguez as Square Enix and Avalanche Studios has officially reveal gameplay footage of Just Cause. Rico resides out of the Mediterranean island paradise of Medici as he seeks to destroy General... Continue »

Black Ops III – The Future Is Now

Duty calls again as Treyarch carries the torch as being the most anticipated Call of Duty developers of the franchise. The teaser raised more than a handful of questions and the full reveal makes it official. It’s futuristic with... Continue »

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: The Golden Goose

Are you ready to obtain the Child of Prophecy? We hope so because the world depends on it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is officially making it way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 19th, 2015.... Continue »

Guitar Hero Live – Be The Hero Again

After 5 years of moving on to RockBand and Rocksmith, Activision has once again unleashed their concept of the fantasy world that is rock; welcome back to Guitar Hero titled Guitar Hero Live. It’s as real as it get,... Continue »

Steam combats spammers and phishing with limited accounts

Tired of getting level zero adds from random people? Well steam has rolled out limited accounts for new users to help combat spammers and phishers on their systems. To protect their loyal customers from what I like to refer... Continue »
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Rocksteady Studio released Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay video

Fans of the Arkham trilogy, or of Batman in general, will be happy to know that Batman: Arkham Knight will finally be launched worldwide on June 23, 2015 for new-gen consoles and PC. Rocksteady studios, in reference to the... Continue »

Project Cars – Pit Box Trailer

Still waiting to get your hands on Project Cars? Unfortunately you’ll have to hold on a bit longer as Bandai Namco Games recently mentioned another delay to Project Cars. In good fate however and to show progress, an all-new... Continue »

Who’s Next? Jason Voorhees

Who’s Next? Well it appears that that question is finally being answered with a nightmare further than Elm Street. And the irony of receiving this announcement on Friday the 13th, right? Jason Voorhees is the new face of terror... Continue »
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