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    WWE SummerSlam Results

    August 24th, 2015

    The hottest SummerSlam in the history Mick Foley stepped out and walked away after hearing he was going to be Jon Stewart’s backup for a word with Brock Lesnar. Holy Moly! Welcome to Brooklyn, officially renamed for one night only, Suplex City.



    Orton V Sheamus

    No one can complain about what they’ve seen as Orton and Sheamus left it all In the center of the ring. Orton made sure to even leave a bit of the action outside as well. The viper managed to strike with his vicious RKO but Sheamus managed to roll away after a hard fought battle out of the ring. Randy later decided to go for his punt kick to miss and receive white noise. Shockingly, two boots to the face land flush to the chin of Randy as he loses to he Celtic Warrior.



    Fatal 4-Way

    Let’s hear it for New Day! Or is it New York? Either way Jay-Z isn’t endorsing their rendition of New York, though entertaining. You have to just give in, New Day Rocks. Los Matadores, the Lucha Dragons and the Primetime Players joins New Day in a Fatal 4-Way. And to start it off New Day almost took the titles by pinning each other. Could you imagine New Day and that new strategy! Kalisto never lets down the WWE Universe with his high flying agility, but met his match as Darren Young counters it all.

    At the end of it all Titus destroyed everyone in the ring, not knowing he was no longer the legal man as Kofi tagged himself in, to prove to everyone, it’s a new day yet again. The arena blew the roof with New Day chants; all required was just a bit of positivity and a clap!



    Rusev v Dolph

    If you ever doubted him then you don’t have a clue. Possibly the hottest thing next to SummerSlam, Lana. Out of the business suits and into the DZ jean suit. But nothing mattered to the Bulgarian bruit. Rusev as always clobbers his way to a close victory, but this time has his hands full with the fastest show off in the game today, Dolph Ziggler.  Rusev managed to lock his submission until Summer Rae received a slap that canceled the Accolade. As battle moved to the outside it ended there as well in a double count-out.


    Cosmic Battle in Brooklyn

    King Barrett and StarDust are Battling in Brooklyn against Neville and Stephen Amelle. Green Arrow steps into the ring and puts on a show that could earn this man a contract. Definitely more worthy that than a handful of Tough Enough competitors, who were in the crowd by the way. Stephen went above and beyond from top turnbuckle and assisting the man that gravity forgot in performing the red arrow for a victory.


    Miz, Ryback & Big Show

    So this match was hands down awesome ad that was indeed no thanks to the Miz! Kidding.  He was okay as he attempted to in everyone after they performed their respectful  finish. But in the end the Miz was the defined loser as he was pinned by Ryback after receiving a knockout punch by the Big Show.


    Side note:

    How dare Paul call out Stewart and prefer David Letterman! But then again, how dare Stewart provoke a beast like The Beast.




    Wyatt Family v Reigns and Ambrose

    Wow. That’s the only word to describe this match and their chemistry. So much back and forth and team moves performed you really don’t know whether to follow the buzzards or believe in the two-thirds of the Shield. Incredible to say the least, it all ends with a spear that broke Bray in half.




    Cena v Rollins

    The champ is here, but which one? This was easily one of the hottest cards on the ticket next to Lesnar and Taker. And before we go into this match I just have to say that Seth’s new white suit was way better than the orange and green shirt worn by Cena. But respectively it’s all about the fact this match is title for title, United States and the World Heavyweight Championship. Looking at these two face to face you can only think of the old Punk /Cena.

    I start with the fact that Rollins performed three dives to the ropes. This is one the biggest matches of his life and he knows it. And Cena has to fight back if he wants to win and match his championship wins with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

    Springboard stunner from Cena, an arial assault from Rollins, Attitude Adjustment from Cena, Leg Dro from Cena; they left it all in the ring. If you didn’t see the awesomeness of the Rollins though with the super high frog splash and the, an AA from Rollins and the figure-four leg lock reversed between the both of them.

    But as the Attitude Adjustment is nailed by Cena the ref inadvertently went down and Jon Stewart got in the middle of it all. A chair to the mid-section of Cena and a pedigree to follow by Rollins. Believe it or not, Seth is the United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I guess now we know exactly who the new champ is.



    Team Bella v Team B.A.D v Team PCB

    In a match to prove female dominance in what’s being called the Diva Revolution we’ve seen a great deal of high-risk maneuvers from all the groups to only see an early end to team BAD as Tamina is pinned shortly after the match began.

    The first I recall ever seeing in years, a double boot. But it was quite the ending as the Lass Kicker herself nailed Brie Bella with the pump handle to earn the win for PCB.


    Fight Owens Fight v Swiss SuperMan

    Kevin and Cesaro has been waiting to get at each other since the fight for the U.S. title challenges against Cena. Right at bat both athletes started with high velocity. Cesaro and Owens took each other to the limits they left heart and souls in the ring. In the end it was Kevin wanting it more, picking up the win after delivering a pop-up power bomb.



    The Reaper v The Beast

    This isn’t a match nor is it a war. This right here is far beyond earning a win. It began as two mad men wanting to destroy each other. But without hesitation Brock took Taker a few roundtrips to suplex city. It didn’t last long however as Taker made some incredible and vintage moves resurrect on Lesnar. And just when you thought it was all Taker, back to suplex city we went. And then from outside an F5 that destroyed the announce table.

    Back inside Taker reveres The Beast to deliver a chokeslam and tombstone that didn’t finish it. But then Taker and Brock both did their iconic rise and laugh at each other. The legends continue to drive on until Taker calls for the Last Ride. With it not taking out Lesnar, Brock pulls two more F5’s .

    Brock, ready to put an end to the match puts Taker in the kimura lock. The Undertaker indeed taps but the referee never sees it. Though the timekeeper did and ringed the bell, the ref reverses the decision as Taker goes for his desperate new finisher, the low blow.  From there Brock was screwed yet again while as the Taker went for his submission, causing Lesnar to pass out, gaining the victory.

    There will be more than hell to pay tomorrow night on Raw. Paul will not let this end and I agree. The beast conquered the dead man.

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    WWE Monday Night RAW-CAP

    August 21st, 2015


    Days away from Summerslam, the hottest event of the Sumer and the biggest match of the year, Undertaker vs Lesnar, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon ran through a few of the other matches as a reminder it can all be seen for as little as 9.99 on the WWE Network.

    Orton and Cesaro started off against Owens and Sheamus and a tag team match. Cesaro has been truly raising the bar lately and climbing the power rankings. Randy picked up the pin as he continues to find unique ways to RKO his opponents into a win.

    The Phenom has gone old school with his promo as he promises to give Brock the fight of his life. Lets be serious about this… it’s the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight we never seen but truly deserved will be substituted by a much better card. Who are you rooting for?

    Jon Stewart hosting WWE SmmerSlam, did anyone enjoy the beef between him and Seth Rollins? The host should have been anyone in my honest opinion as even his commentary work on an episode of RAW was sluggish in perspective to wrestling knowledge and following the story dialogue. Hopefully it’s a bit better this time and WWE didn’t just pay for a name.

    John Cena said “Triple H was never Ric Flair’s b*tch. This Sunday, I’mma make you mine!” It was the official contract and Cena put the reality of what’s to come if he wins against Rollins, 16-time WWE Champion. That’s more than the legendary Nature Boy and more than enough to make you shout Woooooooooo!

    Ladies and Gentlemen Paul and Lesnar has made their presence known. Home sweet home, Brock has stepped into the ring in his hometown of Minnesota to a standing ovation, streamers dropping from the ceiling… Suplex City has invaded Monday Night Raw. And the advocate, Paul Heyman provoked the dead man more than enough to drive the iconic bell ring and Taker to come to the ring with his new move, the low blow! I guess at his age, how else can you beat a beast? He’s no phenom, he’s just a ball kicker.

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    WWE 2K16 BOOK OF AUSTIN 3:4 and 5

    August 16th, 2015

    WWE steveaustin

    Who will ever forget the beginning of the reign of the Texas Rattlesnake when he defeated Jake “The Snake” Roberts; the birth of Austin 3:16. Lately, we’ve went through the roster reveal, opening up to the first handful of the 120 unique characters:

    • Booker T
    • Colonel Mustafa
    • Emma
    • Eva Marie
    • General Adnan
    • Kalisto
    • Kane
    • Lord Steven Regal
    • Sin Cara
    • Summer Rae
    • Tamina
    • Triple H

    Thanks to IGN and 2K Sports we have these characters to look forward to in addition to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Paige, and Finn Bálor. Then there is the Terminator.

    Check out the new trailer it’s one of the verses in the book of Austin 3:4


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    NBA 2K16 James Harden Trailer Revealed

    August 13th, 2015

    As NBA 2K16 is right around the corner, it appears Curry’s trailer was just the first of three surprises in the works. Today James Harden’s trailer has released with more airtime than the last teaser of Spike Lee’s feature. What will your story be come September 29th? In the meantime, take a look at Harden’s.

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    Fallout Shelter now Available on Google Android

    August 13th, 2015


    Fallout Shelter is officially for all of you Bethesda lovers that are still stuck on Fallout 3 GOTY, New Vegas and anticipating the upcoming Fallout 4 this fall. Fallout Shelter is a post-nuclear strategy and simulation experience that puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault. Build the perfect Vault from a variety of rooms, oversee your very own thriving community of Vault Dwellers, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.

    Downloading today will also give you the opportunity to play as Mr. Handy, a premium reward in Shelter. Fallout Shelter has already received recognition from IGN and other various site and is also currently under review here at IRB. Stay tuned for the follow up and download Fallout Shelter for free today on Google Android.

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    Three Words: Reality of Wrestling

    August 11th, 2015


    I have to start off quoting the legendary commentator Jim Ross, “Good God Almighty!” As a child I have faithfully tuned in to WWE and WCW. I’ve watched the Monday Night Wars and I’ve watched TNA rise, fall, and yet keep it going. But I’ve had the opportunity to watch, embrace and truly become a fan in one night of ROW: Reality of Wrestling.

    Reality of Wrestling is an awesome team of wrestling entertainers under the wings of WWE Hall of Famer, Tough Enough trainer and loving father Booker T, along with wife Sharmell Huffman. Harlem Heat in WCW, they were the soul of Nitro with tag team partner Stevie Ray, who by the way is also a key contributor the ROW roster.

    Booker T Had A Much Bigger Vision

    But enough of what and more of the why! The newly crowned ROW Heavyweight Champion Mysterious Q snatched an incredible win from Fallah Bahh, which looked impossible in every way. But when you soar 15 feet in the air and perform the 455, there’s no escaping the inevitable. But it wasn’t just one match, every competitor delivered. It triggered the childhood memories and showed a wrestling fanatic as myself the name doesn’t matter, it’s about how you leave it all in the ring. Even more importantly, can you convince the crowd to believe in you, follow you and push your career to the next level.

    The Lockharts did just that as one brother threw another threw an announce table. It wasn’t just a jaw-dropping experience; it had the entire crow cheering “ROW.” Gino the teenage sensation lost his match and his lovely companion all in one night. Miranda, Athena and Robyn all put on a remarkable match that was solely worth the price of admission. Beauty is one thing, but it was their athleticism that spoke for the in the ring. And if you were in attendance, let’s not forget WWE Diva and Hall of Famer Lita came down ringside to present the vacant Diamond Championship to the new champion.


    ROW Heavyweight Champion Mysterious Q


    And yes, there was plenty of icing on this cake with a special 8-Man Tag Team featuring Hardcore Holly and Devon Dudley. Plenty of testifying took place in this match! And I’ll keep it short for those that may be interesting and seeing Summer of Champions 2, available on Look forward to me covering ROW and the superstars frequently as they’ve given the universe more than enough reason to demand attention! Now can you dig that!?

    Follow Booker and Sharmell’s Reality of Wrestling on facebook and on youtube. And keep an eye out at and we begin to cover ROW an WWE news

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    WWE 2K16 Details – What We Know So Far!!

    August 11th, 2015

    wwe 2k16

    It’s time to finally start talking about WWE 2K16 because it’s almost time to play the game. Everyone by now knows that I embrace WWE 2K year over year, dating back to WrestleMania on Nintendo. Wrasslin’ is my life!

    WWE-2K16-2015-07-30-14-12-08This year it seems that WWE has been doing everything to make the ultimate makeover from promoting a handful of NXT Superstars such as Neville, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn; as well as Divas Becky Lynch, Charlotte and my girl, the “Boss,” Sasha Banks. They’ve stepped up and made big names for themselves, earning plenty of love from the WWE Universe. And who can ignore the talent of NXT? Someone that’s SAWFT, that’s who!

    But this is a small recap of 2K16 news thanks to Gamescom and thoughts of what we’ve seen so far. Straight to the graphics, I am hoping that visuals are still in alpha, because off-screen and the b-roll concept wasn’t quite pleasing. However I’m confident that we can expect so much more.




    Breakout is a new feature allowing you to transition from entrance to forcing the match to begin. There weren’t any demonstrations of how it works so only time will tell, or we will after an opportunity of a hands-on impression.

    In-ring, the new submission system looks like a concept snatched from EA Sports UFC ‘s octagon feature that is more of a mini-game where the player must avoid allowing the other from escaping a hold, keeping a gap between the two indicators. The circle of life (submission concept) is also the new kick out system, allowing you to perform a timely save rather than the old bar. Rope breaks as well have become a manual button prompt rather than the leg being slid underneath the rope.

    3-man commentary team of JBL, Cole and the King changes the dialogue in 2K16. WWE didn’t let us hear JBL yet, but soon we will discover his new wwe 2k16 barrettlines. The biggest question though is will we hear new commentary from the King and Cole. Much has been repeated since SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 and it’s a little annoying now, just saying.

    Create divas, belts, arenas and shows once again as 2K Sports slowly allows customization back into the hands of you, the gamer. It’s exciting new, though I am still questioning the customization in terms to custom entrances and music. We did find out however that presentation is being heavily focused on this year.

    Hall of Fame, the WWE 2K myth seems to be promised this year. Look forward to the ceremony and not winning the title in a little as 5 years to retire. So how many years can we look forward to in our illustrious careers and will there be better cinematics rather than crap fillers from Vicki and William?

    The career will see a bit more this year as your player will be equally involved outside the ring as inside. Post-match interviews, opportunities to interfere in matches, build and create more unique rivalries and more. But how many years and still in the air; and will WWE stick with the virtual currency system?

    Now while I love WWE Games enthusiasm and hard work, we’ve heard time and time again of little to no loads, but this year is promising “no loads.” Only time will tell, though the preload of the match has been longer than normal in WWE 2K15, shortening everything. But this also raises the question of custom theme entrances and music. What else will 2K Sports add back this year’s 2K16?




    Screenshots of the game looks amazing and the footage we’ve viewed has been all concept footage and art as 2K Sports has yet to reveal an on-hands opportunity. Summerslam is right around the corner where we usually get the biggest reveals we could ask for. Are you ready?

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    NBA 2K16 Will Be Taking You Back to School, High School

    August 11th, 2015


    NBA 2K16 is coming to a court near you, well more like your console. Little has been spoken of NBA 2K16 and it took details leaking from XBOX to get the juicy insider news of what to expect. But here is the heart of what matters to most, MyCareer.

    MyCareer will allow gamers to not only find themselves drafted into the NBA, but literally starting from the bottom where making it big time is merely a dream, a wish. Start off in high school trying to earn that scholarship that will lead you on that path of greatness. And from there it’s on the to the NBA.

    But 2K is promising a deeper concept as you have to balance fame, temptations, family, the press and the fans. Can you keep your composure or will you change? Only time will tell; specifically about a month from now as NBA 2K16 will launch September 29th on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation  4 and PlayStation 3.

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    EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Review: Great Round of Golf

    July 14th, 2015

    Game Reviewed: EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tourpga tour cover

    Date Released: July 14th, 2015

    Developer: EA Tiburon

    Publisher: EA Sports

    Platform: [Reviewed: XBOX ONE], PlayStation 4

    Genre: Sports

    Rated: E for Everyone


    pga tour 3


    EA Sports is back this year with another round of golf and a new star bracing the cover. It’s so long to Tiger Woods and good day to Rory McIlroy and EA did a great job with their decision making of who should be the new PGA Tour spokesperson.

    Rory McIlory is a 26 year old pro golfer residing from Northern Ireland. In his career, not only has he taken the world by surprise listing as #1 in the World Amateur Golf Ranking at the age of 17, but McIlory is one of few to win three majors in his career before aging 25. The other two to ever pull this off was Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

    So now that you know the man it’s time to know the game. It’s time to breathe in the fresh air and greet the crowd as you, your clubs and your ball become one with nature. Welcome to Rory McIlory PGA Tour.

    pga tour 5PGA Tour starts off with a tutorial to get you on the course with finesse, and with some of the changes you just may need them. There are three mechanics in Rory McIlory allowing multiple ways to swing: Arcade, Classic and Tour. The arcade swing uses the left thumbstick to determine to power of your swing. Arcade style also enables you the ability to manually adjust the distance of your shot by adding power and spinning your ball mid-air. Classic style is the original three button mode where tapping “A” or “X” will control your shot selection and power. Then there is the Tour style that requires pure accuracy from the gaming golf pro’s based on your shot when using the analog stick.

    You’re are able to adjust your shot type to get out of certain situations such as a choke, punch, a pitch for a nice land to the green and more. If you just want to play to simply enjoy the experience you can always stick with default option.

    There’s a new shot meter that fills as you begin your swing; no more bars unless your aiming for genuine accuracy, utilizing the Tour game style as your mechanic.

    Also a part of the prologue is Rory McIlory’s PGA victory being re-envisioned by you, but we’ll let you experience Rory’s glorious moment and get you to the heart of EA’s PGA Tour and its game modes. You can choose from an 18-round exhibition, your own PGA Tour career, Night Club Challenges, Online Head to Head and Tournaments.


    pga tour 2



    A 15-year career mode sums up what to look for in creating your own legacy in PGA Tour. You have the decision of choosing one of three bios to explain your story and what led to your interest in earning a tour card for 2015. From here, you’re customizing your character and attributes so you can make it to TPC Sawgrass for the WEB.COM Tour Championship. The rest is determined on how you write your legacy.

    My only gripe in the career mode would have to be the lack of customization. PGA Tour has always been the one game that allowed Game Face, putting you in the game. This year you have a few faces to choose between without the option of facial editing. Could be nitpicking, but this is personally a step back for EA Sports.

    Night Club challenges are pretty fun. The best golfers come out at night, right? It’s all fun and games as you attempt to three-star over 170 unique pga tour1challenges, earning additional boost and special golfers, including the EA Battlefield solider and Nevada Smith. The challenges involve you hitting different targets in different variations. As you progress you will earn unique boost that helps you fine tune your shots.

    Online modes include ranked and unranked head to head and tournaments. First time ever, all players are able to play simultaneously, moving across the course and keeping track of others by their gamertag or PSN ID each time the ball lands. As for Tournaments, EA Sports will host events where anyone can join. Be forewarned, if you quit before completing the tournaments, there’s no way to return.

    The EA Sports Ignite engine is no longer showcasing visuals. Battlefield’s unique Frostbyte 3 engine is the new replacement, providing better visuals throughout the course, rather than just where the ball lies. Rory McIlroy delivers amazing graphics, new animations and beautiful camera angles. Even the EA Trax are worth mentioning as it provides all styles of customizable music while you play.


    pga tour 4


    Jim Nantz and David Feherty say so long as new commentary team of Rich Lerner and Frank Nobilo calls play by play on the green. Their chemistry is definitely there as they provide awesome feedback and humor at the same time. Indeed a small change that creates a huge impact. To be honest however, their line become a bit repetitive after a few rounds.

    EA Sports Rory McIlory PGA Tour fine tunes the mechanics and give every gamer, whether it’s your first time or pro, a memorable experience you’ll truly enjoy. There’s no longer a reason to stay off the green, participate in tournaments or simply enjoy the night life, this year’s PGA Tour is worth it!

    The Scores:

    Gameplay: 4.5/5

    Visuals: 4.25/5

    Controls: 4/5

    Audio: 4.25/5

    Replayability: 4/5

    Overall Rating: 4.25/5


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    Batman Arkham Knight Review: An Amazing Finale

    July 10th, 2015

    Game Reviewed: Batman: Arkham KnightBatman-Arkham-Knight_PS4-cover

    Date Released: June 23rd, 2015

    Developer: Rocksteady Studios

    Publisher: WBIE

    Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 4], Xbox One

    Genre: Action-Adventure

    Rated: M for Mature


    batman arkham slider


    Good things come to those who wait and all good things must come to an end. To what extent could be label Arkham Knight? It’s the most anticipated conclusion to Rocksteady’s trilogy to the legacy of Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Everything you could ask for in an action adventure has been delivered in Arkham Knight.

    Nine years after the death of the funniest criminal alive, though some may see it as no laughing matter, The Joker was incinerated. Crime has returned and flipped Gotham City upside down in less than 24 hours, causing a panic and emergency evacuation to avoid becoming Scarecrow’s newest experiment and statistic. Gotham has met its inevitable doom.


    Batman-Arkham-KnightBatman Arkham Knight is easily the greatest story in the series and Rocksteady’s prize winner for the city of Gotham.  Even if you never touched any of the previous Batman titles, you will with open arms embrace the vigilante’s heroic adventure from beginning. And the change in the ESRB was a great touch as this allowed Rocksteady to go above and beyond.

    There’s Oswald (Penguin), Two Face, Ivy and more rampant in the streets with their thugs on every corner just waiting to destroy anyone associated with the Dark Knight. Thanks to Scarecrow, you also have unwanted guests looking to spoil the fun as well. But you’ll find yourself more than anything questioning who is the Arkham Knight.




    But you’re not alone in this rodeo, in fact you have the opportunity to shortly play as some of the sidekicks. There’s Gordon, Oracle, Nightwing, Robin and plenty of others to help, as well as keep you grounded. Lucious Fox, CEO of Wayne Enterprise also tweaks and perfects the Dark Knight suit and the presenter of the batmobile to Bruce.

    The batmobile does absolutely everything you could look for and developers make sure you utilize the vehicle to its full potential. Remotely or physicallyarkhamknight2 inside you’ll have a ton of excitement as you destroy drones and such planted around Gotham.

    Batman has a plethora of available upgrades as you earn XP and the story doesn’t end after solving the Arkham Knight story. Be prepared to face the riddler, solve mysteries and murders, and eve play for the first time ever as Batgirl.

    Gotham, even with the streets in terror looks amazing. You truly get to appreciate the city as you take flight around Gotham listening to scarecrow and his goons underestimate who you are.




    It’s been quite a while since an action-adventure has managed to draw gamers in and genuinely drive this level of excitement. Warner Bros is on top however with Shadow of Mordor, Mortal Kombat X, The Witcher 3 and now the Arkham Knight. Rocksteady’s finale will forever be the must-have game for the new-gen consoles.

    The Scores:

    Gameplay: 4.75/5

    Visuals: 4.5/5

    Controls: 4.5/5

    Audio: 4.5/5

    Replayability: 4.5/5

    Overall Rating: 4.75/5

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