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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review: EXO-Tastic

    November 13th, 2014

    cod coverGame Reviewed: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Release Date: November 4th , 2014

    Developer: Sledgehammer Games

    Publisher: Activision

    Platform: [Reviewed: Xbox One], PlayStation 4

    Genre: First Person Shooter

    Rated: M for Mature


    It’s an important year for Activision as Call of Duty looks to earn the respect of many gamers that felt that Ghosts just wasn’t enough to fill their appetite. Power changes everything, the motto for Advanced Warfare proves to be true as this year power is in the hands of Sledgehammer Games.

    Sledgehammer Games is the original creators of Dead Space, so they know quite a bit of what they’re doing, taking gamers and the Call of Duty franchise to the next level of gaming. In addition they’ve partnered with Infinity Ward (Modern Warfare) and Raven Software (Singularity and X-Men: Wolverine Origins) to create Modern Warfare 3, waiting for their time to come. Finally, it has.



    cod aw 3


    AW kicks off in South Korea as the KVA invasion is already in motion. You play as Jack Mitchell, a U.S. Marine that loses his friend, Private William Irons and his own left arm as they successfully complete the task of driving forces out of Seoul.

    cod aw 2The story speeds up a bit taking you to the funeral of Private Irons where you meet Jonathan Irons, William’s father and CEO of Atlas Corporation, the world’s most powerful and private military corporation; called by the founder “advanced warfare.”

    Iron replaces your arm and takes you under his care, recruiting you to the Atlas Corp. Alongside Gideon, a kick-ass Exoskeleton and a story that will leave you in awe, you’re looking at the best Call of Duty since the early days of Modern Warfare (one and two).

    Advanced Warfare makes you feel a part of a movie and equally a part of the combat as gameplay is consistently fast paced, rarely letting down the momentum.

    Your arsenal and abilities are determined through your preference as an Assault or Specialist. In campaign you can earn up to 22 additional abilities such as quick aim and increased battery time by completing EXO challenges.


    cod aw


    Multiplayer equally delivers a high level of entertainment introducing EXO Survival. Imagine Spec Ops in Modern warfare where you would take on waves on enemies but in a more futuristic, drop-in/drop-out setting. As you play one of the thirteen maps, expect to start off with a normal wave of enemies and progress to nano swarms, drones and heavily armored mechs; and that’s just within the first 10 rounds.

    As you choose between light, heavy or specialist (which can be changed throughout), weapons and EXO abilities can be upgraded as you clear through rounds. Supply drops are also essential to surviving as they grant access to aerial assault drones and a remote turret of your own. Communication is vital and teamwork will take you a long way.

    To some EXO survival may not be your cup of tea, but if zombies are, it’s time to adjust your taste buds. As you unlock Riot, the 4th Tier in EXO Survival there’s only 10 waves to clear cod zomzombefore the streets become infested. Zombies exist! ..And shall continue to exist with the season pass.

    Left is the traditional multiplayer experience. For ease the minds of some gamers, there is a classic mode to turn off the EXO abilities.  A few additions begin with the customization of your own character, male or female, from helmet to the Exoskeleton itself. As you move to the virtual lobby, you can visually see the entire team character’s load outs and more before each game. I enjoyed this feature as it gave me new ideas to tweak my own load outs and character; especially after you’ve seen a zombie themed character shooting you down.

    But it’s all about the delivery of online. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is an extremely rich experience. Between supply drops that can upgrade weapons and gear, huge maps that’s lessened campers from lurking and new mechanics thanks to the Exoskeleton, it’s a genuine push forward for the entire franchise.

    Creating one of the greatest Call of Duty story in years and matching it with Multiplayer, Sledgehammer has found a permanent home redefining the Call of Duty franchise. There’s still much more that can be done to truly make multiplayer more unique that no development has managed to topple, but we can all set Ghosts aside and embrace “Power.”


    The Scores

    Gameplay: 4.5/5

    Visuals: 4.75/5

    Audio: 4.25/5

    Controls: 4.25/5

    Replay Value: 4.5/5

    Overall Rating: 4.5/5



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    WWE 2K15 Review: Time to Play the Game

    October 28th, 2014

    Game Reviewed: WWE 2K15wwe 2k15 coverart

    Release Date: October 28, 2014

    Developer: Yuke’s Media Creations

    Publisher: 2K Sports

    Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 3], Xbox 360

    Genre: Wrestling

    Rated: T for Teen


    wwe x360

    It’s WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment. It’s the biggest, most iconic genre in sports entertainment today. And night after night blood, sweat and tears are left on the mat, all from bringing their very best to the ring.

    With the unique installment of WWE 2K15, two versions are scheduled to release, bringing you exclusive features between consoles. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will introduce you to the “MyCareer” mode that allows your very own create-a-player to start from the bottom of totem pole and earn a shot at the prestigious WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. But in this version of WWE 2K15 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it’s all about Who Got NXT.

    wwe x360 2Before going in depth let’s talk about what earns first in line, the 2K Showcase that relives the rivalries between C.M. Punk vs John Cena (HUSTLE, LOYALTY & RESPECT) and Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (Best Friends, Bitter Enemies). We’re obviously starting with the Best in the World.

    The 2K Showcase kicks off with C.M. Punk speaking his mind of the brand and threatening to walk away with the title at Money in the Bank. It was an amazing rivalry between Punk and Cena, perfectly re-mastered for gaming enthusiast. You’re also reintroduced to the Shield as well as have a few opportunities to play as Ryback in Hell in the Cell and Alberto Del Rio as he became the middle man in a heated battle.

    The 2K Showcase mode reminded me much of the Attitude Era mode from WWE 2K13 as it was extremely addictive from beginning to end. I also enjoyed the teasers as loading screens displayed new-gen screenshots of WWE 2K15.


    wwe_2k15 orton 2


    Back to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, its exclusive mode is Who Got NXT. This special mode allows you to play as Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Rusev, Cory Graves and Bo Dallas. There are four matches to participate in, including special and hidden objectives that when completed allows the NXT wrestlers to make their way into the WWE 2K15 roster, becoming playable in the WWE Universe and Exhibition modes.

    One thing that sticks out on Who Got NXT is the overall score for each match; showmanship, excitement, drama and more makes up the total score but shows no unique significance for the game mode. I’m willing to bet however this will be the same scoring method for WWE 2K15 MyCareer on new-gen come November 18th, but more involved.

    2K15 has an incredible roster from the starting gate, including a handful of additional superstars that are unlockable through the aforementioned modes, 2K Showcase and Who Got NXT. wwexbox360And what really makes this year’s version of WWE 2K15 authentic are the entrances. Whether it’s watching John Cena interact with the cameraman, Bray Wyatt igniting the fireflies or even Daniel Bryan driving the Yes Movement, as a WWE fan you can’t help to but smile on the inside.

    As for WWE 2K15’s gameplay it’s a bit of a rinse and repeat from last years’ experience. Don’t expect the grapple chain system or new mechanics previewed to be a part of this version of 2K15. A few things you can expect are new fighting mechanics, specifically in the Hell in the Cell matches. In WWE 2K14 wrestlers, including John Cena, eye-gouged and back scratched excessively outside of the ring. This year however, grappling your opponent will perform several different moves.

    As you build momentum in WWE 2K15, there’s a new meter that prompts you when you’re able to perform a signature move. Again, the ability to store them is not available in this installment of 2K15.


    wwe 2k15 sting


    If you’re wondering if anything might have change backstage, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. There are no new elements, just the same hallway that leads to the parking lot. Even when fighting in the arena for no DQ matches’, breaking the barricade is as far as you get to fighting in the crowd.

    Other differences are no custom story, no custom entrance music and no updates that have already been introduced in trailers for new-gen. For example, the shield still comes out as a unit in WWE 2K15 rather than Roman Reigns having his unique entrance. Dean Ambrose doesn’t have his new attire or music. It feels like 2K Sports had plenty of time to make those minor adjustments, but focused too much on one version.

    WWE Universe mode is back, offering gamers to engage into a much deeper story rather than normal rivalries. Stories are now built into the universe based on rivalries, including secret stories that you can only partake in by playing stories to the very end.

    WWE-2K15_Cole-and-King-Commentary-630x354Characters look a bit more detailed than in WWE 2K14 thanks to the new lighting system by Visual Concept. Certain wrestlers such as Bray Wyatt, John Cena and The Rock truly compliment the change, detailing character models and tattoos.

    New voiceovers are included in WWE 2K15. Commentary between Jerry and Cole is by far the best that the videogame has put together in years; simply because it seemed to be an untouched area for years. Sheamus screams “FELLA” rather than sounding lazy as he has in previous installments. The announcers, including Ricardo Rodriguez have new audio as well supporting 2K15 in their much needed revamp all around. There are also new sound effects supporting the fighting system, being driven to the mat or even breaking the barricades.

    For the most part WWE 2K15 is WWE 2K14 with minor adjustments. Who Got NXT is a mode that is only temporarily used to unlock a few upcoming superstars. 2K Showcase on the other hand will show replay value as 2K Sports plan to release more rivalries in the future. 2K15 is all about the stories rather than just a match being won, a message well driven home.

    If you have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One I’d definitely recommend waiting it out until the new-gen version launches. WWE 2K15 is well packaged, but it doesn’t nearly hold as much recognition as the new-gen’s career mode.


    The Scores

    Gameplay: 3.75/5

    Visuals: 4.25/5

    Audio: 4.5/5

    Controls: 4/5

    Replay Value: 4/5

    Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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    NBA Live 15 Review: Back in the Game

    October 25th, 2014

    Game Reviewed: NBA Live 15untitled2

    Release Date: October 28th , 2014

    Developer: Tiburon

    Publisher: EA Sports

    Platform: [Reviewed: Xbox One], PlayStation 4

    Genre: Sports

    Rated: E for Everyone



    The time has come, the moment of truth to speak to the uphill climb of NBA Live by EA Sports. With the launch of the new-gen consoles, Live 14 looked to be highly anticipated, but then it released. Some fans were happy to simply see NBA Live return, while others saw the product for what it was.

    Last year NBA Live 14 felt like a rookie getting his first opportunity to step on the court, having an okay game overall. A lot of potential was there, but the bread and butter, the essence that would make it a phenomenal experience, was lacking. EA Sports were always neck and neck with 2K Sports. Ask basketball fans their thoughts and they will tell you that they probably bought both.

    Live 15 introduction starts off a bit different as they walk you through controls. I appreciated the walkthrough as it’s a process transitioning from 2K to Live. So learning how to call picks, perform signature moves and more proved to be helpful. After tutorials it’s on to an NBA Finals preview between the Cavaliers and OKC. I just have to say I found it a bit funny as it was NBA 2K14 cover star vs 2K15’s. However, if you don’t want to play the preview game you can navigate to the main menus.

    The main menu offers the Rising Star, Ultimate Team and Dynasty modes as well as the Tip-Off (exhibition) and Head 2 Head (multiplayer). NBA Memorable Moments from NBA Live 14 has been replaced with NBA Big Moments, focusing on all players rather than just the rookies, and recreates critical moments that stood out during the season. Then there’s NBA Rewind that not only shows you what games were played in the NBA season, but also allows you to play “select” games from your favorite teams.

    One gripe with the Big Moments is you don’t get to appreciate the achievement. Instead, you accomplish the goal and game over. No celebrations, no quick animations, nothing. It’s a big moment that doesn’t feel like a big moment.




    But let’s talk about what drives NBA Live 15, gameplay. Ball control is beyond realistic. The paced is much faster than Live 14 and a step faster than NBA 2K15 as well. It’s a mixed bag as this transition can be a gift or a curse as the players tend to have a much quicker shot release than 2K Sports.

    NBA Live 15 also has much better player models than what’s been available in the past. Though it still has a bit ways to go, no one will turn away NBA Live for presentation. Hand and hand are the animations. Watching a player go for a shot and come down awkward and possibly stumbling over is the most realistic movement I’ve seen to date. Something else that’s rare is players skipping down the court, but in Live 15, it’s there. To follow where this is going, player ball movement is spot on. In the year of Live’s true comeback, this is truly their one up over NBA 2K15.

    For those that play NBA 2K15 a lot, there will be stumbling with a few things however. When setting picks I kept pressing the “B” button, which in 2K15 would perform that move. In Live however, live1it’s a simplistic way to set up ally oops. Second are free throws, as holding down the free throw button will allow your player to begin his shot. The trick here is to time the release by letting go of the shooting button, where 2K used the right thumb stick and felt more natural with release.

    The two biggest key opportunities that I noticed were steals are way too easy. It made me feel like I was playing an arcade game that allowed me the opportunity to get easy scores and triumphant during honestly undeserving moments. And second were the slam dunks. If you have the momentum you can pull off some amazing dunks, too amazing though, feeling arcade-ish. I felt like a was playing NBA JAM. Don’t get me wrong, the inner child was thinking “BOOM SHAKA LAKA!”

    Commentary from Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen was fairly decent, yet felt a bit unbalanced at times in perspective to gameplay and blending with the crowd. The chemistry is there from the team, but it doesn’t hold the same level that 2K has mastered. Even in comparison to Live 14, it still feels about the same.

    What did feel to have a better presentation however, the halftime show from Jalen Rose. I felt intrigued to watch each halftime show simply based on the individual breakdowns. Live 15 also had a much better looking crowd this year, just a bit too repetitive as they were all in the home team colors.

    Rising Star plays a big part of NBA Live 15 once again as you can create your player and take your A-Game to the Jordan Take Flight showdown to earn a draft pick opportunity. Kind of disappointed that EA Sports decided not to integrate the Game Face 2.0, however there are way more options available for customization. Define your appearance, play style and pick your shoes. The shoe game in NBA Live 15 is bananas, allowing you to choose a pair for home and away games.




    Keep up with your rising star by news feeds, player growth and stats as well as viewing your career accomplishments. Grade feedback is most critical however as it’s where your coach base his suggestions and concerns from each quarter, and ranks overall on what worked and what didn’t.

    While Rising Star has progressed from Live 14, it still has a bit ways to go to keep players engaged throughout the season.

    I think the biggest part of NBA Live 15 is online. Connectivity was quite consistent, which is a bit more than what can be said about 2K. An off court mode was left out again this year though, a mode that once defined the franchise.

    In the end NBA Live 15 plays different because it is different. Live has earned a great deal of credibility by going back to the drawing board and recreating the authenticity needed to put the franchise back on the map. This is NOT the year to overlook NBA Live. It’s the year to get it!


    The Scores

    Gameplay: 4/5

    Visuals: 4/5

    Audio: 3.5/5

    Controls: 4/5

    Replay Value: 3.75/5

    Overall Rating: 3.75/5

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    WWE 2K15 Newest Trailers

    October 23rd, 2014


    To the millions and millions that make up the WWE Universe, feast your eyes on two of the greatest videos so launch for WWE 2K15. Now keep in mind graphics that are being showcased are the “NEW-GEN” that will launch November 18th, not to be mistaken with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version releasing on October 28th.

    The first trailer shows the leader of the Wyatt and his comrades making his way to the ring, accompanied by the crowd symbolizing themselves as the fireflies. Take a look at the hands-on impressions written back in September for a full recap of initial thoughts of WWE 2K15, breaking down a brief moment of excellence.

    The second trailer is the official WWE 2K15 trailer entitled “Feel It.” Though this trailer circles around a few of the most charismatic superstars, not only of today but that defined “WWE”, it briefly allows us to glimpse at the overall product that makes 2K15, 2K15.

    Enough said on our end. Enjoy!


    WWE 2K15 “Wyatt Entrance” Trailer

    WWE 2K15 “Feel It” Trailer

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    The Voice: I Want You Review: Outstanding Performance

    October 21st, 2014

    Game Reviewed: The Voice: I Want Youthe voice cover art

    Release Date: October 21st, 2014

    Developer: Zoe Mode, Warner Bros.

    Publisher: Activision

    Platform: [Reviewed: XBOX 360], PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U

    Genre: Singing

    Rated: E10 for Everyone 10+

    If you ever wanted a chance to impress a celebrity group of panelist without them judging you before you ever get a chance to sing, that platform has become a real life opportunity. On NBC, The Voice has pushed individuals no the next level, all while allowing contestants to be trained by Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.




    Now you have the opportunity to bring the experience to your own venue whether that may be your living room, bedroom or publicly with friends. It’s time to find out who has “The Voice.”

    the voice 4After going through sound check which helps you calibrate your voice to the tracks, you have the option of running through season mode, quick play, voice party, vocal coach and check your achievements and completion of coach challenges through progress.

    As the season will obviously be the most played area in The Voice, you have the option of choosing to sing solo, or as a duet or versus throughout the duration. After creating your artist it’s on to the Blind auditions. Sing your heart out, because if you don’t get their attention here, it’s over.

    As I performed Apologized by One Republic, I got three judges to turn around.. This is where you choose your coach with the choices of Rock, Pop, R&B or Country. There’s no actual judges, more so silhouettes that tell you why you should pick them. One thing I enjoyed about this process is that judges had different things to say each time you hovered over their genre.


    the voice winner


    When chosen, you’re actually one of twelve to the team, and with four teams, that’s 48 players in total. And before jumping into the next round, it’s best to practice with your coach. Besides, when have you ever seen an actual episode where the contestant refuses help?

    I was thoroughly impressed with the vocal exercises that The Voice offered me. Face stretches, breathing, lip trills and a test of your vocal range. I immediately thought of Karaoke Revolution and American Idol and how I never had this option. Weren’t they trained by someone too? Of course they were! There also scales, TheVoice_R&B_Stayteaching you how to performs runs, or more in-depth melismas, harmonizing and improvising. Practice makes perfect.

    Believe me when I say LEARN THESE SONGS! You will look and sound foolish singing what you don’t know. And just as the show is set up, each round has a sing off straight to the playoffs where only one can emerge. A true challenge as your coach allows you to choose what they have in mind.

    Keeping in mind you can perform the song an octave higher or lower to better adjust to your natural key, it’s best to simply be as comfortable as possible.

    For anyone that just wants to learn how to sing, The Voice was made for you. Running through the season, quick play and most importantly utilizing the vocal coach, this is an extremely fun game. All this game was missing was some sort of multiplayer experience, but we can wait for season two.


    Gameplay: 4/5

    Visuals: 3.5/5

    Controls: 4.5/5

    Audio:  4.25/5

    Replayability: 4/5

    Overall Rating: 4/5

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    Just Dance 2015 Review: Still Addicting

    October 21st, 2014

    Game Reviewed: Just Dance 2015just dance 2015 cover

    Release Date: October 21th, 2014

    Developer: Ubisoft Paris

    Publisher: Ubisoft

    Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 4], PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Wii U

    Genre: Dance

    Rated: E10 for Everyone 10+


    While Harmonix is “Centralizing” their fan base, Ubisoft is continuing to keep every single gamer in the mood to groove to the songs that rocks the living room. Just Dance is virtually on every platform, including “Just Dance Now” releasing to mobile devices so you can dance anywhere.

    Just Dance is comfortably the number one dance game worldwide, diminishing the likes of Dance Central, Dance Paradise and others. And to think we thought Dance, Dance Revolution was the greatest game ever at one point.


    just dance 2015 2


    Just Dance 2015 embodies the same concept as all of its previous installments. The player simply follows the onscreen cue cards displaying which move to perform whether you playing alone or as a group.

    Just Dance has always provided some of the most creative visuals to represent each song title. And the performers equally are the most energetic group of individuals you’ll find anywhere.

    Just Dance 2015 3To start, you’ll choose your dancer card that best represents you. Then, it’s on to the Just Dance wall where you can pick what song you’re ready to dance to. As you have a blast dancing and following the choreographers, you will earn and unlock new items such as dancer cards, new modes and more.

    Introduced in Just Dance 2014, with a microphone you can also perform karaoke and sing along to your favorite tunes, earning additional Mojo points based on accuracy.

    Just Dance 2015 also includes Community Remixes that allows you to perform with different personalities from all around the world. By using your camera and uploading your video online, the team may choose a portion of your performance to enhance the experience.

    A few other modes include the challenger mode where you perform against friends and World Dance Floor where players play through a pre-chosen playlist provided by the Just Dance team.


    just dance 2015 4


    As always, Just Dance provides you with an astounding soundtrack that includes Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Ylvis, Maroon 5 and so much more. Even kids will dance like there’s no tomorrow as Disney’s Frozen biggest song “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel is also part of the lineup.

    Just Dance is one of those games that grow on you. It provides a great experience for the family, supported by dynamic new features that keep you interacting online and offline. Just Dance 2015 did it again.

    The Scores

    Gameplay: 4.25/5

    Visuals: 4.5/5

    Audio: 4.75/5

    Controls: 4.25/5

    Replay Value: 4.25/5

    Overall Rating: 4.25/5

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    Walking Dead Season Two Review: From Lee to Clem

    October 20th, 2014

    Game Reviewed: Walking Dead Season Twotwd season 2

    Release Date: October 21st, 2014

    Developer: TellTale Games

    Publisher: TellTale Games

    Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 4], PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC

    Genre: Adventure

    Rated: M for Mature


    walking dead season 2


    Season one focused heavily on our two key characters Lee and Clementine. Giving the circumstances and the tear jerking ending, we now play solely as Clementine. As you’ll quickly notice in the intro, the story never lightens up. Christa and Omid watches over Clem as they promised to only foresee their own devastating scenario come shattering before them. The world for Clementine focus a young girl to become an independent woman. Welcome to Season Two of the Walking Dead.

    walking dead season 2 featPlaying as Clementine you’d probably expect a different role as you playing as a little girl. The story gives you the choice of being that sweet little Clem that Lee once knew, or that strong-willed and defensive girl Lee trained you to be. Trusting people will quickly become a challenge on its own. The choices you make, the routes to take, even the wildlife will leave you making every decision wisely.

    The world is colder than before and almost 2 years later, Clementine is forced to either stand up for herself or die trying. It’s almost like imagining Lara Croft becoming who she is today, but under deeper and darker circumstances. In this season, it’s hard to trust anybody, even a dog.

    It stretches the brain to know that you’re playing as a child smashing brains in, fighting off animals and having to suture your own wounds, as detailed as it all comes. You find yourself realizing Clementine can’t be that innocent child anymore. In a house with an entire new set of survivors, split personalities and surprises that will leave you in awe, season 2 episodically delivers a handful of cliffhangers that keeps you engaged until the very end.


    walking dead season 2 1


    The game still unfortunately suffers from frame rate issues and glitches, but it doesn’t cause the story to lack in overall presentation in any way. It’s a bit unfortunate though as it’s the same minor bugs found in season one.

    Camera angles are much better in comparison to season one. The voice actors each do an amazing job as well living the lives of fictional characters, portraying each situation and vocally setting the scenes for those high-anticipated moments.

    Telltale now have their hands full with two amazing stories, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Clementine, thanks to the masterminds at TellTale, has a long way to go in a world where there’s no do-overs, no turning back. And with season three already in the works, it should be one of your immediate investments.


    Gameplay: 4.5/5

    Visuals: 4/5

    Controls: 4.5/5

    Audio:  5/5

    Replayability: 4/5

    Overall Rating: 4/5


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    Driveclub Review: Pump the Brakes

    October 17th, 2014

    Game Reviewed: Driveclubdriveclub cover

    Release Date: October 7th, 2014

    Developer: Evolution Studios

    Publisher: SCEA

    Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 4]

    Genre: Racing

    Rated: E for Everyone

    Let’s paint this picture. Driveclub was supposed to launch almost one year ago with the release of the Sony PlayStation 4. In addition it was a guaranteed PlayStation Plus title for gamers at launch. Instead we only seen Warframe and Contrast, which weren’t bad, but it also wasn’t Driveclub. So since the system we’ve only been able to “Rival.”

    So now the game has had all the time it’s needed to bring us what they’ve quoted from VG 24/7 as PS4’s Forza Killer.  Does it live up to those standards or does it instead find itself left in the dust.


    driveclub 3


    Driveclub starts off showing s its beautiful scenery at the Tamil Nadu race track. You’re in the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG against nine other racers. Now one thing stuck out to me as this race began; it never truly felt competitive. Every other car in the race seemed comfortable maintaining their positions, never weaving around opponents, anything. It reminded me of Formula 1, but even then someone shift gears and excels. I felt like an outsider to a group of cars playing “follow the leader”.

    From the main hub you have the ability to create your own club, join an existing club, and view your profile and garage. The garage stores all of your owned vehicles and allows you to customize them. Unfortunately customization isn’t as in-depth as Forza Motorsport or the older Need For Speed titles. Instead you can only change numbers, badges and the cosmetics such as colors and vinyl.

    driveclub 2Become the most wanted player on the streets by building your credibility, known as fame. Drive fast, drift and most importantly win. You can participate in three areas, tour, single events and multiplayer.

    First and foremost, I was unable to participate in any “full” multiplayer events as the servers had poor establishments for connectivity. I tried multiple sessions and managed to even speak to a few players trying to participate before being booted. Even when I managed to play a good 30 seconds, my dreams were crushed.

    Single Events open the exhibition doors to race, time trials and drifting. And no race is typical, in the states. Instead, you’ll cross the country in Canada, Chile, India, Norway and Scotland. Then there’s the Tour with over 52 challenges. Allowing you to perform in almost car possible as you continue to level up, progressing on your way to become legend. The further you go, prepare for the race to become that much more difficult.


    driveclub 1


    Visually Driveclub is remarkable, utilizing dynamic weather and time shifting. My biggest gripe however is a third of the game is inaccessible. It’s a huge issue to see unstable servers, especially after a year of additional development; even worse due to multiplayer being advertised as the most impactful part of the Driveclub experience.

    Driveclub seemed to be ready to gives fans what they’ve been craving for only to receive an appetizer. And with online servers currently unavailable, you’re stuck with offline only modes that are fun, but quickly limiting the overall event, literally. One can only hope that Driveclub can stand on two feet soon before being parked in a garage.

    Gameplay: 3.5/5

    Visuals: 4.25/5

    Controls: 4/5

    Audio:  4.25/5

    Replayability: 3/5

    Overall Rating: 3/5


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    NBA 2K15 Review: What Happened?

    October 17th, 2014

    Game Reviewed: NBA 2K15nba-2k15-ps4jpg-affbd2_160h

    Release Date: October 7th, 2014

    Developer: Visual Concepts

    Publisher: 2K Games

    Platform: [Reviewed: PlayStation 4], Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

    Genre: Sports

    Rated: E for Everyone

    NBA 2K15 1

    NBA Season is upon us and 2K is wasting no time bringing the #1 Rated NBA Videogame to consoles. The 2K Team and Visual Concepts has gone so far uphill you have to wonder if the game can even create a next level.

    As your game install you have the opportunity of playing the Championship game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat with rosters already updated; sorry Miami fans, Lebron has already packed for Clevland. No commentators are discussing gameplay quite yet; instead you get a glimpse of Pharell’s new 2K soundtrack as the executive producer.

    nba 2k15 faceIn hopes you’ve managed to pull that win off, you’re then redirected to the MyPlayer mode where have the opportunity to create your player and scan your face into the game. Let me just say that the technology here is astonishing.

    It’s a bit dull sitting there waiting for the scan to process, and I can tell you now it takes more than a few tries, but you get to watch the tech go to work and do what we always hoped for. Make sure that the camera is 6 to 12 inches away from your face, not your entire head (which my issue the first few times).

    MyCareer has been revamped this year, opening more options and a more in-depth story for your player to develop themselves. It opens with you watching the NBA Draft rather than being there getting chosen. You have to earn your spot through a second chance opportunity on the NBA Roster through a 10-day contract.


    nba 2k15 2



    During games your coach can interact with you and speak to your level of gameplay on the court, genuine to each performance. Be sure to pay attention as ignoring your coaches expectations can get you benched or even traded by the GM. It’s taking the rookie and MyCareer to the next level.

    Outside of games, you’re able to message others via social media; sponsors, teammates and NBA players. My Park is back as well allowing you to play against others all over the globe via online. The connection has proven to be only a bit more stable than 2K14 as I was never able to connect to a single game, instead just walk up the a crew waiting to play at different courts.

    To be the man you have to become the man! So in NBA 2K15 don’t expect to just buy a ton of virtual currency and create a 99% player. You’re level capped and have to earn the right to unlock attributes throughout the NBA Season.

    As for what else comes your way in the MyCareer Mode, we’ll leave it spoiler free.

    Let’s talk actual gameplay. NBA 2K15 looks even more stunning than its predecessor. New camera angles were added bring you closer to the action, a ton of newnba 2k15 3 animations, mechanics, and crowd / player models.

    On offense you have to play much smarter than in 2K14 or you won’t dominate the paint. As the A.I. has been improved, there are not as many drives or quick dunks; good luck with all that!

    The good news ends there however, as 2K15 felt to have made a few step backwards. Pretty sure many NBA 2K fans will complain about the responsiveness when controlling your player. There’s some type of input lag to where my player would either not move at all, or simply move way too late. At first, I thought this was maybe something that Visual Concepts added, but after a trying to adapt and receiving NO response at times lessened my execution, mostly on defense.

    2K15 also seemed to present more glitches than 2K14. Why? How? Players were running into and through each other, goal posts and gliding across the floor. What went wrong within a year’s time? 

    Then there’s the new pre-game show with Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal. I’ve heard unique line most times, but it didn’t stand out as a big change for the 2K series. In fact, it was quite annoying by the 2nd to 3rd pre-game show.


    nba 2k15 4


    MyGM has returned this year along with, MyLeague and MyTeam. The modes biggest improvement is the exclusion of VC for purchasing additional perks, etc. There’s also the new 2KTV that discusses NBA 2k15, pro tips and exclusive interviews. It’s something new that could show potential over time.

    But there’s an issue that has plagued NBA 2K for YEARS! Online servers are apparently 2K’s afterthought. So many online modes are offered, including the MyPark, online leagues, etc , to say no mode can be consistently be played. And it’s not just an issue this year. Upon reviewing NBA 2K14 I underwent this same issues.

    While NBA 2K15 looks beautiful, a few flaws are instantly recognized the moment you grab the controller and begin playing. The input lag and the online conflict sare two huge areas of opportunities, requiring some sort of patch or overhaul come 2K16. A great game somehow just went backwards.

    Gameplay: 3.75/5

    Visuals: 4.5/5

    Controls: 3/5

    Audio:  4.5/5

    Replayability: 4.25/5

    Overall Rating: 3.75/5



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    Assassin’s Creed Rogue Story Trailer

    October 15th, 2014

    Assassins-Creed-Rogue-Wallpaper 2

    If you’re ready to assassinate assassin’s as a traitor, then your time for betrayal Is right around the corner. As a reminder Rogue will release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with A.C. Unity launching for all of you New Gen owners same day, November 11th, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the new trailer below showing you the story of a Templar:

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