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Meet The Staff

Michelle Keller


Michelle, AKA Meds, is a Canadian born Vancouvernite residing in sunny San Diego. Not to be confused with a “Canuck fan”, she loves Hockey, Football, reading, crafts and mostly gaming.

She has loved gaming since her first encounter when her mother bought her and her siblings Super Mario brothers for Nintendo.  This love for gaming didn’t blossom into the passion/obsession it is today until she purchased her first and very own console the Xbox.

Michelle majored in both English and History at Mount Royal University and later transfered to the University of the Fraser Valley. She soon releazed since she loves debates and discussions of so many topics, including books, that writing would be an awesome idea. What better topic to write about then video games? What does the future hold? Who knows, but she hopes one day to work for a gaming company.


Noelle Rose

Co-Editor /Writer

Born in Atlanta, Georgia to Jamaican immigrants, Noelle has been gaming since the the good ol’ NES days. Followed by the SNES, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis and Gameboy color, all was well in console land until Noelle got her first taste of PC gaming with the game demo Project I.G.I. Since that time her love of gaming and computers has grown two fold. She graduated high school and went on to get a degree in Digital Media.

When she isn’t playing on PC or utilizing her skills to create wordpress themes, Noelle works at a local university improving her portfolio in hopes it allows her to return to school for a Masters Degree and eventually end up teaching the Digital Arts at a college level.


RaSaan Harris 

Community Relations Manager

It’s Vjplatinum! If you know this guy you probably just singed the theme. He is the Site Owner of this exciting gaming website, IRB Gamer. Hailing from Chicago, Ill and now residing in Houston, TX, games has already been the number one thing on his mind. The Nintendo revolutionized and won over many with the short red suit wearing Italian, Maaaario .

For RaSaan, it was Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!! That game defined his love for gaming and the Rage Mode, competitive style he has.

Nowadays you can find this TSU guy playing Call of Duty (until it’s break time) , WWE 13, PS Vita, Madden 13, DmC: Devil May Cry, generally what ever is in the new. Don’t be afraid to jump into a game with “Tha Yella Fella” as he’s always enjoying the company and challenges. Stepping in the cracks of a major industry is the dreams and aspirations of this kid. Doing voice overs for games is fun as well. You think games. he thinks “grab your controller!”


Robert Quirarte

 Senior Writer

Born and raised in Texas, Bryan has developed a never-ending passion for gaming throughout his entire life. Some say he was born with a controller in his hands! His love started with the Playstation and Crash Bandicoot until Spyro the Dragon pushed it even further.

In 2001 Halo had shattered his little 8 year old mind and gave him the inspiration to work for Bungie and pledge eternal fanboyism for the Sci-Fi shooter they’re famed for.  In high school he took his first step toward his dream as he signed up for four years of 3D Amination. He is now currently working on many projects that he hope to add to his portfolio and maybe post online for the public to watch! Appropriately, he also gushes enthusiastically over upcoming titles.

Bryan has a steadily growing collection of games and consoles ranging from the Nintendo Entertainment System to current-gen as he is ever vigilant of acquiring  remarkable titles over decades of gaming. He will keep up-to-date with the latest releases, but will regularly reminisce with older games. Wanna play something? Look for Spartan 482 on Xbox LIVE. He’ll never back down ’cause “Spartans never quit!”


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