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First and foremost, we sincerely thank you for visiting IRB Gamer!



Any general questions can be emailed to us at

If you have any media related questions for us concerning IRB Gamer, or looking to contact the owner of IRB Gamer in regards to affiliating, partnerships, etc, please contact RaSaan Harris at 




IRB Gamer is always looking to expand our writing staff!

What we’re seeking are gamers or journalists with a passion for playing video games and writing news, game related editorials, and reviews. No matter if you’re preference is XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS or PlayStation Vita, we have a spot here for you! If interested, please contact our Editor in Chief, Michelle Keller at

Requirements for applying as a writer can be found here.

We are also currently looking for a Community Manager and Social Media Manager. If interested for either position, please email Michelle Keller.




If you are a Indie Game Developer looking to have your game reviewed, or have news you would like us to share through our community, you’ve come to the right place. We’d love the opportunity to write a review for your title, no matter the platform!

IRB Gamer guarentees the same amount of time and effort will go into each review and news article as any major release. More importantly, and respectfully, the same level of effort as you, the developer, has placed in creating your game. Please submit media inquries to either or

We’ll be sure to reply in a timely manner.








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