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IRB Gamer is your collective gathering spot for all things gaming related. If its news in the gaming world, it’s news here. Have a game you’ve been itching to see a review on? Odds are, you can find it here too. No matter how big or small of a gamer you are, this place serves as a portal for anyone who wants to get in the know, with gamers like yourselves.

Here at IRB Gamer we pride ourselves on the quality of our reviews, editorial and general news articles. Under no circumstances do we accept bribes of any means to alter our scores on any title. We treat all titles; Indie, Arcade, Retail or otherwise with the utmost respect and give them a score that we feel appropriate in reflecting the quality of the game. That being said, it must be noted that all articles; Reviews, Previews, Editorials and news articles are written individually. Each persons opinion and ratings are their own and do not reflect the IRB team as a whole.

IRB’s Rating System

I am sure many of you wonder how we come up with the scores at IRB Gamer. As mentioned previoulsy, all reviews are done individually and do not represent the opinions of all the IRB staff.

We use a category system in which we grade games by its Controls, Audio, Gameplay, Graphics and Replay ability, each of which are broken down into a 5 score rating. We then give the game a final and Overall score. This is not necessarily the average of all the categories combined as we simply use them as a reference.

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